One of the Best Restaurant Bar in Athens. The most popular Courtyard Garden Restaurant Bar in Piraeus. The first itameshi restaurant Bar in Greece, dropped anchor Mikrolimano. In a romantic atmosphere overlooking the picturesque Mikrolimano of Piraeus enjoy Itameshi creative cuisine with meat, seafood, fresh fish accompanied by wonderful wines, drinks and signature cocktails. Amaya often arranges the best music nights in town. So, this can be an amazing option in the the Athens if you want to spend an amusing night.

Amaya would like to present the international uptrend itameshi , a blending between Italian and Japanese cuisine to the Greek market.

Our Fine Dining menu curator is Chrysanthos Manolopoulos , a distinguished chef with a long journey through out his buildup career. The menu includes comfort and gastronomic options, as well as delicious sweet surprises! Take a seat. Enjoy Japanese Italian fusion food and Signature Cocktails.

Toom Tran , a Greek designer of Vietnamese origin, carried out the restaurant’s design. Her goal was to balance in design between Italian pluralism and Japanese minimalism.

The award winner mixologist, Teo Spyropoulos , is in charge of our cocktail list. He emphasize on the ingredients, and he adjust his list to Amaya’s itameshi style, by following the fad of modern-day.

In the list of wines there are over 100 labels from the Greek and international vineyard, as well as many choices in sparkling wines and champagnes!

Itameshi cuisine experience

Amaya is a GIRL!

who needs DINNER. LUNCH. COCKTAILS. Experiences!


Πριν κατά τη διάρκεια ή μετά το φαγητό; Τι προτιμάς;

Enjoy Music....Enjoy Life

Night Out with the Best Music in Town με μουσικά δρώμενα για την απόλυτη διασκέδαση!

Wines...and more

100 ετικέτες κρασιού με πολλές από αυτές να σερβίρονται και σε ποτήρι!

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1 Akti Dilaveri, Piraeus 18533
Monday - Saturday 17:00 - 02:00
Sunday 13:00 - 02:00
210 410 0127

WiFi Free

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